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English Programs

Our Pre-k Phonics program invites the curious learners to a delightful world of letters and sounds, where engaging activities, enchanting songs, and interactive games lay the foundation for a lifetime of literacy. As students grow, our K-12 English Reading and Writing curriculum guides them from their first words to academic excellence, ensuring a seamless transition from ELL to advanced language mastery. For those seeking everyday fluency, our Daily English program offers practical communication skills for real-world confidence. And for the ambitious aiming high on standardized tests, our preparation courses for IELTS, CELPIP, SSAT, and SAT are meticulously designed to turn aspirations into achievements.


After-School Enrichment

Engage in our After-School Enrichment Program, offering Spark Math and Spark Chinese, Creative Arts, STEM, French Mastery, and Music Exploration, which are designed for children aged 5-12. We believe in nurturing not just academic excellence but also the confidence and holistic development necessary to become future leaders.

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